2-[(2-oxopropyl)thio] imidazolium derivates

1,3,4,5-Tetramethyl-2-[(2-oxopropyl)thio]imidazolium chloride

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Art. No. T101
Synonym L-682.777, SU732
Molecular Formula C10H17N2OS+Cl-
Molecular Weight 248,77
Purity by HPLC > 95% (HPLC)
Appearance off white solid
Solubility 50 mM in aqueous buffers
Dissolve e.g. 5.0 mg in 402 μl PBS buffer to obtain a 50 mM solution
or: 50 μM in 0.1% (v/v) DMSO / aqueous buffers.
Pre-dissolve e.g. 10.0 mg in 804 μl DMSO (50 mM).
Take e.g. 10 μl of the 50 mM stock solution - dilute by adding 9990 μl buffer or assay components to obtain your final assay solution (50 μM).
DMSO stock solutions are sterile and can be stored at -20°C for at least 6 months. To avoid too many freeze-thaw cycles, we strongly recommend storage of aliquots.
Application Inhibitor for transglutaminase.
The molecule was developed to block coagulation factor XIIIa, however the compound inhibits tissue transglutaminase as well. Both enzymes are inhibited with an IC50 of about 0.25 μM.
Storage Store at -20°C
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Note Intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications.


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