The PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray is based on 6 transglutaminase variants (hFXIII, hTG1, hTG2, hTG3, hTG4 and hTG6) and can be used for

high resolution epitope mapping of anti-transglutaminase antibodies
antibody specificity analysis with 6 different transglutaminase antigens
serum antibody screening for anti-transglutaminase antibodies
isotype-specific IgG and IgA profiling from serum and plasma
   correlation of anti-transglutaminase antibody responses with pathogenesis

The standard slide format of PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarrays facilitates application with standard lab infrastructures and most microarray scanners. Additional PEPperCHIP® Accessories support the straightforward use of the state-of-the-art peptide microarray solutions to ensure optimized assay conditions and best data quality.

   Read more about PEPperCHIP Epitope Mapping
   Poster presentation at GRC, 2016 (Girona, Spain)
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    • Press release: Dr. Falk Pharma and Zedira announce completion of phase 1b clinical trial of ZED1227 for the treatment of celiac disease and move on to proof of concept study
    • Pressemitteilung: Dr. Falk Pharma und Zedira geben den Abschluss der Phase 1b-Studie für ZED1227 zur Zöliakie-Therapie bekannt und planen Start der Wirksamkeitsstudie
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    • 17th International Celiac Disease Symposium

      08.09.2017 - 10.09.2017
      New Delhi, India

    • NLSDays 2017

      12.09.2017 - 14.09.2017
      Malmö, Sweden

    • BIO-Europe

      06.11.2017 - 08.11.2017
      Berlin, Germany

    • MEDICA

      13.11.2017 - 16.11.2017
      Düsseldorf, Germany

    • Gordon Research Conference on: Transglutaminases in Human Disease Processes

      16.06.2018 - 17.06.2018
      Les Diablerets, Switzerland