Antibodies and Microarrays

Antibodies are important tools in many research and diagnostic applications.
Zedira offers antibodies – polyclonal as well as monoclonal – raised against:

  • All human transglutaminases
  • Guinea pig liver transglutaminase
  • Bacterial transglutaminase
  • The transglutaminase reaction product: Nε-(γ-glutamyl)-L-lysine-isopeptide bond
  • Fibrinolytic enzymes: Plasmin and its zymogen (plasminogen)
  • Gliadin-variants

Antibody epitope mapping
PEPperPRINT and Zedira commonly present the new PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray!
Standard and Custom PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays are synthesized with a unique laser printer based method directly on-chip and are used for e.g. antibody epitope mapping, immunological research, and biomarker discovery.

Read more about PEPperCHIP® Laser Printing Platform

Antibodies labeled with fluorescent dyes
Zedira provides many of it‘s polyclonal antibodies with a flourescent label like FITC or phycoerythrin or as a biotinylated version. Of course antibodies with other tags are available on demand.

Indirect immuno-staining with A014
Indirect immuno-staining with A014
Indirect immuno-staining with A017
Indirect immuno-stainings
(A) Anti TG2 (A014): mouse colon section (1:100);
(B) Anti TG2 (A014): mouse small intestinal mucosa;
(C) Anti-TG6 (A017): astrocyte in mouse corpus callosum.

(A/B) J. Knauer, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Leipzig; (C) A. Schulze-Krebs, S. v. Hörsten, University Erlangen

In many applications the need for a fluorescently labeled antibody exists, ranging from fluorescence microscopy to fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).

Transmitted light microscopy
FITC-Anti-TG2 with A028
FITC-Anti-TG2 with A027
Direct Immuno-Stainings
(A) Transmitted light microscopy, magnification 1:40;
(B) FITC-Anti-TG2 (A028): fluorescence microscopy, magnification 1:40;
(C) FITC-Anti-TG2 (A028): fluorescence microscopy, magnification 1:20.

(A-C) W. Dieterich, University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Change Notification for Monoclonal Antibodies: 
Antibody formulation is changed to formulation containing 50% glycerol (Change notification antibody formulation.pdf)