Photometric Activity Assay

Tissue Transglutaminase Pico-Assay Kit

Assay also suitable for FXIII and TG3
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Background info
The Tissue Transglutaminase Pico-Assay Kit is based on a high activity high molecular weight substrate (HA-HMS) coated on a solid phase as glutamine-donor and a biotinylated substrate of transglutaminase (Biotinyl-cadaverine) as primary amine. Samples suspected of containing TG2 are incubated with calcium, dithiothreitol (DTT) and biotinyl-cadavarine in the wells of microtiter plates.

Tissue Transglutaminase TG2 Assay for Quantification
The kit is selective, but not specific for tissue transglutaminase i.e. it also measures FXIII and TG3 activity in samples. Please contact us if calibration for TG3 or FXIII are required. TG1 cannot be measured with this kit.
Assay principle
The wells of the solid phase are coated with a specially developed high activity high molecular weight transglutaminase substrate (HA-HMS).
1st reaction: Tissue transglutaminase present in the sample covalently links biotinyl-cadaverine to the high molecular weight substrate (HA-HMS) coated on the microtiter plate surface.
2nd reaction: Streptavidin conjugated to horse-radish peroxidase (HRP) binds to the biotinyl-group incorporated into the HA-HMS solid phase.
3rd reaction: HRP converts a substrate (TMB) into a blue product which upon addition of the stop solution turns yellow. Samples containing transglutaminase activity develop the blue colour (which upon addition of the stop solution turns yellow), whereas samples without activity remain colourless.
Reagents in the kit
Microtiter plate 
Sample Buffer 
Wash Buffer 
TG2-Standard for preparation of calibrators 
Reaction Starter Mix
Reaction Stop 
Streptavidin-HRP conjugate 
Substrate solution 
Stop solution 
Directions for use
Assay for the determination of Tissue Transglutaminase (TG2) activity in the picogram scale
Intended use
The present kit is intended for the quantitative determination of tissue transglutaminase activity in a broad application diversity. The kit can also be used for screening of transglutaminase inhibitors.
Store the remaining kit at 4 - 8°C. It is stable up to the expiry date stated on the label of the box. Do not use kit beyond its expiry date. After opening the pouch keep unused microtiter wells resealed to minimize exposure to moisture.
Intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications.