Deamidated gliadin peptides

Detection of gliadin antibodies has been used for a long time in celiac disease diagnostics, but suffered from a low specificity. This disadvantage was overcome by the introduction of deamidated gliadin peptides as antigen.  

The ratio behind is that tissue transglutaminase catalyzes gliadin deamidation in the intestinal mucosa of celiac disease patients, resulting in deamidated gliadin peptides which are recognized by HLA receptors of immune cells. Therefore, deamidated gliadin antibodies are specific for celiac disease.

We introduced four different variations of deamidated gliadin antigens composed by a carrier protein linked with a combination of the deamidated 33-mer and 26-mer gamma gliadin peptides and the DQ2-GI- and DQ2-GII-peptides (Dørum S. et al., J Proteome Res. 2009; 8:1748-55).
In addition, the non-deamidated native versions as well as the carrier protein control are available (Section: Cereal Proteins).

deamidated gliadin peptides

Art. No.
G005 DGPx4
(Fusion protein of 4 deamidated gliadin peptides)
500 µg
735 €
G006 DGPx2
(Fusion protein of 2 deamidated gliadin peptides)
500 µg
735 €
G007 DGPx1
(deamidated gliadin peptide)
500 µg
735 €
G017 Biotinylated DGPx1 (deamidated gliadin peptide)
100 µg
370 €
G051 26mer gliadin peptide
(26mer-gamma gliadin peptide (aa 59-84) fused to carrier protein)
250 µg
370 €
G052 33mer gliadin peptide
(33mer-alpha gliadin peptide (aa 57-89) fused to carrier protein)
250 µg
370 €
G054 33mer DGP
(33mer-deamidated alpha gliadin peptide (aa 57-89) fused to carrier protein)
250 µg
370 €
G055 Carrier protein control
(Control for G051, G052, G054, G007, G006 and G005)
250 µg
370 €
G056 DGP and Gliadin peptides (Set No 1)
(G051, G052, G007, G054 and G055, 100 µg each)
1 Set
740 €


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