Zedira's MTG-Handbook

Microbial transglutaminase (MTG) is an enzyme originally produced by Streptomyces species. MTG catalyzes cross-linking of proteins in the absence of calcium. In simple words: MTG is a biological glue. While its physiological role is still not fully understood, MTG received major attraction by the industry for its protein cross-linking activity. It is applied in the production processes of meat, sausage, dairy, bakery, and pasta products to improve food properties.

Moreover, MTG cannot only cross-link proteins, but it can also incorporate primary amines to proteins in a covalent, irreversible manner. This feature allows to link a whole bundle of labels to proteins, including biotin, fluorescent dyes, click chemistry substrates, and cytotoxins.

MTG attracted more and more interest, as developers of antibody drug conjugates realized its unique property to generate site specific and homogenous antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Today, ADCs manufactured with MTG entered clinical trials.

Zedira’s MTG-Handbook shall provide an overview on this fascinating enzyme. We highly appreciate the blogs of renowned colleagues form the MTG community as part of the handbook. The 2nd edition of Zedira’s MTG-Handbook includes additional information on MTG’s characteristics useful for the everyday work in the lab: pH- and temperature profile, stability and more. In addition, a starting protocol for antibody conjugation is included.

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  • Zedira offers a huge portfolio of reliable specialist transglutaminase related products meant to catalyze research and development, both in academia and industry.


  • imageSuccessful ISO9001:2015 recertification
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  • imageDr. Falk Pharma and Zedira announce successful completion of the phase 2a proof-of-concept study of ZED1227 for the treatment of Celiac Disease
  • imageDr. Falk Pharma und Zedira verkünden den erfolgreichen Abschluss der Phase 2a-Studie mit ZED1227 zur Behandlung von Zöliakie
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    19.10.2022 - 22.10.2022
    Sorrento, Italy