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Below you will find some frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I order Zedira products?
A: Just fill out the ordersheet and send it via Fax or attached to an e-mail. Zedira delivers its products all over the world.

Q: Which methods of payment are accepted?
A: We accept credit card payments. Mostly, payment is made via bank transfer. All required information is listed on the ordersheet.

Q: Why has my product been sent at ambient temperature, although the storage condition is indicated to be below e.g. -18°C?
A: Most of our products are freeze-dried and stable at ambient temperature for several days. Therefore, shipment can be made at ambient temperature with no loss in activity. However, we strongly recommend long-term storage as indicated.

Q: How do I handle a product after storage below room temperature?
A: When taking the product out of the fridge or freezer, wait until it reaches room temperature before opening.

Q: How do I reconstitute a lyophilized product?
A: We recommend adding exactly the volume of water the product is lyophilized from. You find this information on the certificate of analysis. Rotate the vial gently until the solid dissolves.

Q: How can I store a product after reconstitution? How long can I store the product, and how many freeze-thaw cycles are recommended?    
A: These questions are very product-specific. First of all, refer to the product data sheets and the information given for the specific product.
Generally, we recommend short-term storage cooled on ice after reconstitution of the protein. To avoid freeze-thaw cycles, we strongly recommend storaging aliquots.

Q: What does it mean if the product status is “available”?
A: The product in question is in stock and ready for shipment within 1 day. Depending on the destination, shipments will be made on the following Monday.

Q: What does it mean if the product status is “on request”?
A: The product in question is not in stock. The product will be produced on demand or is under development. Please contact us for product-specific details.

Q: What is the shelf life of a product?
A: If not indicated otherwise, we guarantee shelf life after purchase for at least 6 months without loss of performance. After that period, we recommend testing the product before use. Expiration dates of products with short shelf life can be found on the Certificate of Analysis enclosed with your delivery.