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ZediXcite 330/418 Fluorogenic MTG-Assay Kit

Isopeptidase-activity based MTG assay (330/418 nm)
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1 Kit 600 € Available
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Assay principle
MICROBIAL TRANSGLUTAMINASE (MTG) cleaves a dark quenching molecule from the side chain of MTG specific peptide A167 incorporating glycine methyl ester. Subsequently, the fluorescence of an N-terminal coupled dye increases and can be monitored (excitation wavelength 330 nm; emission wavelength 418 nm).
Reagents in the kit
(1) SUBSTRATE REAGENT (SR): 2 x 23 μL MTG specific peptide A167 (DMSO solution).
(2) BUFFER REAGENT (BR): 2 x 18 mL TRIS buffer pH 6.0 containing glycine methyl ester (lyophilizate).
(3) DILUTION BUFFER (DB): 1 x 18 mL TRIS buffer pH 6.0 (lyophilizate).
The ZediXcite Fluorogenic MTG-Assay Kit (F015) can be used in fluorescence microplate readers using microplates as well as in standard fluorescence spectrophotometers with cuvettes. Refer to the instructions of the manufacturer.
Determination of MICROBIAL TRANSGLUTAMINASE (MTG) activity, specific and sensitive. Suitable for measurements of 2.5 nM to 80 nM (0.1 μg/mL to 3 μg/mL) of MTG.
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