11. July 2017

ELISA for detection of TG6 autoantibodies

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Transglutaminase-Newsletter | July 2017

ZediXclusive TG6-ab ELISA kits E103 and E104:
Revised versions of ELISA kits E003 and E004.


  • Background subtraction not necessary anymore.
    Therefore, now you can measure up to 40 sera in duplicates with one kit (96 wells).
  • The calibrators are adapted, so that the more relevant lower titers are covered.
    Titers (U/mL) obtained by the new E103/E104 kits can be translated to titers of old kit versions E003/E004 and vice versa!
  • Cutoffs are redefined based on a sera collective of 86 patients with various neurological disorders, and 38 blood donors, equally distributed by sex and age.

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Get your serum sample measured for TG6 autoantibodies!

In co-operation with the medical laboratory of Prof. Dr. med. M. Kramer (board-certified clinical pathologist) in Heidelberg, Germany we provide testing services for the determination of Transglutaminase auto-antibodies in patient serum samples.

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