22. November 2023

Publication in 25th Guide to German Biotech Companies

Zedira has been featured in the jubilee edition of the 25th Guide to German Biotech Companies!

Highlighted Profile Features:
Business Unit: Drug Discovery - Design of small molecule transglutaminase inhibitors   
  • TG2 Blockers for Celiac Disease: Pioneering advancements in therapeutic solutions for individuals with celiac disease.
  • TG2 Blockers for Fibrotic Disorders: Spearheading research to combat fibrotic and inflammatory disorders using innovative TG2 blockers.
  • FXIIIa (F13a) Blockers for Anticoagulation: Groundbreaking work in developing anticoagulants targeting FXIIIa, contributing to safe treatments.
Business Unit: Specialty Reagents - Transglutaminase specialty reagents   
  • Microbial Transglutaminase (Andracon™): Offering cutting-edge microbial transglutaminase for enzymatic Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) generation or tissue scaffold formation.
  • Diagnostic Antigens: Providing essential diagnostic antigens crucial for medical testing and research.
  • Transglutaminase R&D Products: 250 unique transglutaminase R&D products, shaping the future of biotech research.
Thanks to our exceptional team and supporters for contributing to our success. Together, we are shaping the future of transglutaminase research!