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    Meet Dr. Pasternack at Bio-Europe in Cologne!

  • Novel DD-XLink-mab available!
    Zedira scientists developed a monoclonal antibody which directly recognizes the crosslinked fibrin neoepitope (DD-XLink-mab, A076).

    Find more information about this novel antibody by clicking here!
  • Curious about your antibody or anti-serum?
    PEPperPRINT and Zedira commonly present the new PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray!

    It isbased on 6 transglutaminase variants (hFXIII, hTG1, hTG2, hTG3, hTG4 and hTG6) and can be used for

    - high resolution epitope mapping
    - antibody specificity analysis
    - serum antibody screening
    - isotype-specific IgG and IgA profiling
    -   correlation of anti-TG antibody responses with pathogenesis
  • TGase Protein Labeling Kits
    Site specific labeling of proteins catalyzed by transglutaminase:

    TGase Labeling

    Substrate Finder Kit enables you to characterize your target proteins transglutaminase substrate properties and to chose the appropriate labeling kit.

    Zedira offers kits for labeling with: Biotin, PEG1,088, PEG5,000,
    ATTO-488TM, ATTO-532TM, ATTO-550TM, ATTO-647NTM and ATTO-700TM.
  • News  

    • Zedira supports 2nd International Factor XIII Workshop
    • Press Release: Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH and Zedira enter a phase 1b clinical trial for a celiac disease drug
    • Zedira publication: Microbial transglutaminase has a lower deamidation preference than human tissue transglutaminase on a celiac disease relevant wheat gliadin T-cell epitope
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    • Tampere Celiac Disease Symposium - Measuring Treatment Outcome

      Tampere, Finland