Protein Labeling

Protein labeling using transglutaminase (TGase) is a smart enzymatic labeling alternative to chemical protein labeling procedures.

Protein biotinylation, PEGylation or site-directed protein labeling with fluorescent dyes are common applications of TGase labeling.

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Advantages of transglutaminase (TGase) mediated site-specific protein labeling: 

  Defined degree of labeling
  Defined label position(s)
  Homogenously labeled protein
  Higher solubility in water
  Minimized amounts of unlabeled protein
  No or reduced impact on bioactivites of labeled proteins

Principle of TGase-catalyzed protein labeling, protein modification and protein conjugation

TGases catalyse the acyl transfer reaction between the γ-carboxyamide group of protein-bound glutamine residues and the ε-amino group of protein-bound lysine or primary amines. Thus, primary amines as well as glutamine-containing peptides may carry a broad variety of labels like biotin, PEG or fluorescent dyes etc.        TGase labeling principle

Requirements for transglutaminase labeling

Transglutaminase protein labeling requires substrate sequences on the target protein surface, which are in general not abundant on proteins:
  Accessible lysine residues
  or accessible glutamine residues
  otherwise transglutaminase substrate sequence tags can be introduced recombinantly, if no lysine or glutamin residues are accessible

Examples for utilization of modified proteins

  Fluorescence-based HTS-assay
  Diagnostics (antibodies, antibody-bindingproteins, lectins etc.)
  Therapeutic proteins (PEGylation)
  Protein immobilization (after biotinylation)

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