Transglutaminase 2

Monoclonal antibody to human TG2 (Beta Barrel 2 Domain, clone XTG18)

(antibody reacts with the Beta Barrel 2 Domain of human transglutaminase 2)

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Art. No. A037
Background info Tissue transglutaminase is a, Ca2+-dependent enzyme (78 kDa) composed by 4 domains:
Beta Sheet Domain (fibronectin binding, ~17 kDa), catalytic Core Domain (Cys-His-Asp catalytic triad, Calcium-binding, GTP/GDP-binding, ~37 kDa), Beta Barrel 1 Domain (GTP/GDP-binding, ~14 kDa) and Beta Barrel 2 Domain (~12 kDa). The inactive GTP-bound enzyme is present in a closed conformation, which upon activation by Ca2+ and substrate binding opens like a pocket knife resulting in a longitudinal open conformation.
Host Mouse
Immunogen Human tissue transglutaminase (full length protein with N-terminal hexahistidin-tag) recombinantly produced in insect cells
Specificity Mouse monoclonal antibody reacts with the Beta Barrel 2 Domain of TG2
Specificity of A037 was determined in western blotting with human transglutaminases (TG1 – TG7, FXIII), TG2 of different species and human TG2 domains recombinantly produced in E. coli.
A037 is specific for the Beta Barrel 2 Domain of TG2. It does not cross-react with other domains of human TG2.
A037 is specific for TG2. It does not cross-react with other human transglutaminases.
A037 is specific for human TG2. It does not cross-react with other TG2 from various species (human, guinea pig, rat, mouse and dog).

A037 recognizes the epitope V604AEVSLQNP612 (see figure below). The epitope was determined using PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray (Art. No. P111).

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Poster presentation at GRC, 2016 (Girona, Spain)
Appearance liquid
Description Protein G-affinity purified mouse monoclonal antibody.
Application Western-Blotting only
Working dilutions Optimal dilutions should be determined by the end user.
E. g. for Western-Blotting: 1 / 500 to 1 / 5,000 should be suitable
Storage Store at 2 – 8 °C
Delivery is possible at ambient temperature
Reference(s) Kanchan et al., Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 2015, 72:3009-35
Note Intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications.


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