Photometric Activity Assay

ZediExclusive Tissue Transglutaminase Assay Kit

(Chromogenic activity assay optimized for tissue transglutaminase, also suitable for epidermal transglutaminase)

1 Kit 415 € available

Art. No. Z010
Background info TG2 is present in various tissues and involved in a plentitude of physiological as well as pathological processes. The enzyme catalyses the acyl transfer reaction between the γ-carboxyamide group of peptidebound glutamine residues and a variety of primary amines, particularly the ε-amino group of lysine (Lorand L. et al., 1962). This assay enables the measurement of TG2 activity according to the chromogenic hydroxamate detection principle (Grossowicz, N. et al., 1950).
Assay principle The TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE ASSAY KIT uses Z-QQPF as the amine acceptor substrate and hydroxylamine as amine donor. In the presence of tTG hydoxylamine is incorporated into Z-QQPF to form Z-glutamylhydroxamate-QPF which develops a colored complex with iron (III) detectable at 525 nm.

Activity measurement of TG2
Reagents in the kit (1A) ACTIVITY REAGENT 1A: lyophilized MOPS buffer pH 7.6 containing Z-QQPF, DTT and calcium, 3 vials
(2A) ACTIVITY REAGENT 2A: Hydroxylamine, 3 vials
(3S) STOP REAGENT 3S: Hydrochloric acid [4% v/v], Iron (III) chloride, 3 vials
(4P) TG2 POSITIVE CONTROL 4P: lyophilized TG2, 3 vials
Equipment The TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE ASSAY KIT can be used in standard spectrophotometers with polystyrene 1 mL cuvettes or MTP. Refer to the instructions of the manufacturer.
Intended use Determination of tissue transglutaminase activity (tTG, TG2). Kit is sufficient for 3 x 11 measurements in cuvettes or 3 x 36 measurements in 96 well microtiter plates (MTP).
Storage 4P has to be stored at -20°C (shipment is possible at 4 – 8°C).
1A, 2A, 3S has to be stored at 4 – 8°C. The unopened reagents are at least stable until the expiration date printed on the box.


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