Transglutaminase 2

Human tissue transglutaminase

(hTG2, recombinant in E. coli)

250 µg 400 € available
1 mg 1200 € available

Art. No. T002
Synonym Tissue-type Transglutaminase, TG2, TGase 2, proteinglutamine-γ-glutamyltransferase

tissue transglutaminase TG2 T002 by Zedira
Molecular Weight 78 kDa
Source Recombinant produced in E. coli
Purity > 90 % (visually by SDS-PAGE)
Activation The Transglutaminase is activated with 10 mM Ca2+; due to the precipitation of Calcium Phosphate a buffer exchange (e. g. Tris-Buffer) prior to activation is highly recommended.
Activity 1) > 750 U/mg [Activity is determined by measuring the rate of fluorescence enhancement after His6-rhTG2-catalyzed monodansylcadaverine-incorporation into N,N-dimethylated casein according to Lorand et al., Anal. Biochem. 44 (221-231).
1 U is defined as the increase in fluorescence intensity of 1 a.u./min (measured on a Cary eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer, Varian; λex = 332 nm, λem = 500 nm; band filter = 5 nm; detector strength = 600 V; temperature = 37°C, assay volume = 1 ml)].
2) 0.59 U/mg [One unit will catalyse the formation of 1 μmole of hydroxamate per min from Z-Gln-Gly-OH and hydroxylamine at pH 6.0 at 37°C, Grossowicz et al. (1950)]
Appearance White lyophilized solid.
Description His6-rhTG2 is based on the TGM2-allele from I.M.A.G.E.-clone IMAGp958L121020 isolated from neuroblastoma cells of the human brain (Val224-allele, Kanchan et al., Biochem. J. 2013, 455:261–72).
It is N-terminally fused to a hexahistidine-tag resulting in the encoded N-terminal amino acid sequence MAHHHHHHAEELV….
His6-rhTG2 is produced in E. coli and purified by ion metal chelating chromatography to more than 90% purity.
Reagents The Transglutaminase is lyophilized from 50 mM NaH2PO4, 150 mM NaCl, pH 8 and less than 0.1 mM Imidazole. Sample contains maltodextrin.
Reconstitution Add the volume of water specified in the certificate of analysis under aliquotation to the vial of lyophilized powder. Rotate vial gently until solid dissolves. After reconstitution the solution should be stored frozen in working aliquots.
Application His6-rhTG2 catalyzes acyl transfer reactions from glutamin residues in proteins or peptides to primary amines, e. g. the formation of ε-(γ-glutamyl) lysine bonds between proteins by transferring the acyl group of a peptide-bound glutamine residue to the primary amino group of a peptide-bound lysine residue. His6-rhTG2 may also be used for immunoprecipitation.
Storage Store at ≤ - 20°C.
Store working aliquots at ≤ - 20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Delivery is possible at ambient temperature.
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