22. January 2021

Clinical Validation of an Automated Fluorogenic FXIII Activity Assay

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Dear Transglutaminase researchers,

On January 20th 2021, Technoclone (Vienna, Austria) and Zedira published the second joint paper entitled "Clinical Validation of an Automated Fluorogenic Factor XIII Activity Assay Based on Isopeptidase Activity".

The paper was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences as part of the Special Issue Fibrinogen/Fibrin, Factor XIII and Fibrinolysis in Diseases. The accurate, rapid, and precise assay is meant to improve routine diagnostics and therefore should help patients, physicians, and researchers.

At Zedira, we are scientists at heart. Cutting edge science and technology are mandatory for entrepreneurial success in the biotech business. Besides tissue transglutaminase, our research focused on coagulation factor XIII for already about two decades by now.
Our proprietary compound ZED3197 showed the proof-of-principle of “safe” anticoagulation therapy. Specific inhibition of FXIIIa allows unprecedented intervention in the coagulation cascade (published in Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis as Open access paper).

We are happy to share with you our exclusive products to support your esteemed research & development. Please find bellow a collection of our most important FXIII related tools.


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Human blood coagulation Factor XIII-A2, recombinant
(hFXIII, A subunit, recombinantly produced in insect cells)

200 µg 370 €

Human Factor XIIIa, Thrombin activated
(hFXIIIa, recombinantly produced in insect cells)

200 µg 520 €

Human blood coagulation Factor XIII B subunit
(hFXIII B, F13B, recombinantly produced in insect cells)

200 µg 370 €

Assays and Substrates

Art. No. Name Unit Price


FXIII-Assay Substance,

10 mg
520 €

FXIII-Assay Kit
(ready to use, contains A101 and thrombin)

1 Kit
575 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


1,3,4,5-Tetramethyl-2[(2-oxo-propyl)thio] imidazolium chloride

10 mg
480 €

(Synonym ZED1301, site specific irreversible inhibitor of FXIII)

5 mg
480 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Human Alpha Thrombin, recombinant

100 NIH Units 185 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (A-subunit)

500 µg
365 €

FITC-labeled polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (A-subunit)

200 µg
395 €
A074 Monoclonal antibody to human factor XIII (Activation Peptide, clone XTG09)

200 µg 365 €
FITC-labeled polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (B-subunit)
200 µg 365 €

Monoclonal antibody against crosslinked fibrin ("D-dimer")
100 µg
365 €


  • Zedira offers a huge portfolio of reliable specialist transglutaminase related products meant to catalyze research and development, both in academia and industry.


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  • Gordon Research Conference: Transglutaminases in Human Disease Processes

    12.06.2022 - 17.06.2022
    Mount Snow, USA

  • 19th International Celiac Disease Symposium

    19.10.2022 - 22.10.2022
    Sorrento, Italy