22. October 2020

New Zedira blog published about novel oral FXIIIa blockers

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Dear Transglutaminase researchers,

In our current blog Martin Stieler (Zedira’s head of structural biology) provides his perspective on an intriguing question: Can we design an oral FXIIIa blocker? Or is this going to be a “mission impossible”?

Blood coagulation factor XIII is considered being a qualified target for the development of safer anticoagulants. ZED3197 is the first drug-like compound addressing FXIIIa. Its physicochemical features predispose the compound for i.v. application in the acute care setting.

What about a new drug discovery program to design an oral compound? Curious? Then follow the link to learn more about Zedira’s concept for novel oral FXIIIa blockers.

Further, we would like to inform you about our top FXIII products for your research!


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Human blood coagulation Factor XIII-A2, recombinant
(hFXIII, A subunit, recombinantly produced in insect cells)

200 µg 370 €

Human Factor XIIIa, Thrombin activated
(hFXIIIa, recombinantly produced in insect cells)

200 µg 520 €

Human blood coagulation Factor XIII B subunit
(hFXIII B, F13B, recombinantly produced in insect cells)

200 µg 370 €

Assays and Substrates

Art. No. Name Unit Price


FXIII-Assay Substance,

10 mg
520 €

FXIII-Assay Kit
(ready to use, contains A101 and thrombin)

1 Kit
575 €

Blood coagulation FXIII-substrate-peptide F11KA

10 mg
310 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


1,3,4,5-Tetramethyl-2[(2-oxo-propyl)thio] imidazolium chloride

10 mg
480 €

(Synonym ZED1301, site specific irreversible inhibitor of FXIII)

5 mg
480 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (A-subunit)

500 µg
365 €

FITC-labeled polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (A-subunit)

200 µg
395 €
A154 Monoclonal antibody to human factor XIII (Activation Peptide, clone XTG09)

200 µg 365 €

Monoclonal antibody against crosslinked fibrin ("D-dimer")

100 µg
365 €


  • Zedira offers a huge portfolio of reliable specialist transglutaminase related products meant to catalyze research and development, both in academia and industry.


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