Recombinant Gliadin Peptides

Gliadin peptides derived from Triticum aestivum (wheat) are the main immunotoxic antigens in celiac disease. They are a substrates for tissue transglutaminase, which specifically deamidates glutamine residues within these peptides, and therefore strongly increases their immunogenicity (Dørum S. et al., J. Proteome Res. 2009; 8:1748-55).

We offer a set of fusion proteins that carry the different native and deamidated peptide sequences that facilitate the analysis of antibodies found in celiac disease related samples. See also section: Celiac Disease Products

gliadin peptides and DGP variants

Art. No.
G005 DGPx4
(Fusion protein of 4 deamidated gliadin peptides)
500 µg
735 €
G006 DGPx2
(Fusion protein of 2 deamidated gliadin peptides)
500 µg
735 €
G007 DGPx1
(deamidated gliadin peptide)
500 µg
735 €
G051 26mer gliadin peptide
(26mer-gamma gliadin peptide (aa 59-84) fused to carrier protein)
250 µg
370 €
G052 33mer gliadin peptide
(33mer-alpha gliadin peptide (aa 57-89) fused to carrier protein)
250 µg
370 €
G054 33mer DGP
(33mer-deamidated alpha gliadin peptide (aa 57-89) fused to carrier protein)
250 µg
370 €
G055 Carrier protein control
(Control for G051, G052, G054, G007, G006 and G005)
250 µg
370 €
G056 DGP and Gliadin peptides (Set No 1)
(G051, G052, G007, G054 and G055, 100 µg each)
1 Set
740 €


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