26. August 2019

New automated FXIII activity assay

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Paving the way to a new automated FXIII activity assay!

Just recently, Technoclone (Vienna, Austria) and Zedira presented a joint poster at the 27th ISTH Congress in Melbourne, Australia. The scientists involved, Martina Leiter, Ralf Pasternack, Christian Büchold, and Nikolaus Binder concluded:
“The fully automated TECHNOFLUOR FXIII Activity assay run on the new Ceveron s100 haemostasis analyzer is an appropriate method for fast and accurate determination of this critical factor in the stabilization of blood clots. With a high degree of linearity over a wide assay range, this new assay shows excellent recovery of EQA samples, demonstrating high agreement with other FXIII activity assays on the market.”

In this context, please find below our reagents targeting FXIII (F13, plasma transglutaminase) flanked by selected coagulation products:

Selection of Factor XIII products


Art. No. Name Unit Price


FXIII-Assay Substance, Abz-NE(CAD-DNP)EQVSPLTLLK-OH 10 mg 520 €

FXIII-Assay Kit

1 Kit 575 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


1,3,4,5-Tetramethyl-2[(2-oxo-propyl)thio] imidazolium chloride 10 mg 480 €

Ac-(D)-Asp-MA-Nle-Nle-Leu-Pro-Trp-Pro-OH 5 mg 480 €

Special product

Art. No. Name Unit Price


Gly-Pro-Arg-Pro-amide 25 mg 370 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Human blood coagulation Factor XIII-A, recombinant 200 µg 370 €

Human Factor XIIIa, activated 200 µg 520 €

Human blood coagulation Factor XIII B subunit 200 µg 370 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price

 T222 Human alpha Thrombin, recombinant 100 NIH Units 185 €


Art. No. Name Unit Price


Polyclonal antibody to human blood coagulation factor XIII (A-subunit) 500 µg 365 €

FITC-labeled polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (A-subunit) 200 µg 395 €

Polyclonal antibody to human blood coagulation factor XIII (B-subunit) 200 µg 365 €

FITC-labeled polyclonal antibody to human factor XIII (B-subunit) 200 µg 395 €

DD-XLink-mab 100 µg 365 €

Drug Discovery at Zedira targeting FXIIIa

Zedira developed direct-acting FXIIIa blockers for safe anticoagulation. This unique and promising approach has the potential of a significant reduction in the life-threatening tendency to bleeding as provoked by current drugs. Zedira scientists used structure-assisted drug design to develop potent and selective compounds while deciphering the structure of active coagulation factor XIII.

FXIII active structure
Structure of Active Coagulation Factor XIII
In the inactive state, recombinant FXIII exists as a dimer. Upon binding of the irreversible acting blocker ZED1301 (A108) and three calcium ions per subunit, FXIII dissociates and the ß-barrel 1 and ß-barrel 2 domains undergo a remarkable shift exposing the active site (upper left). The crystal structure of FXIII in its active conformation provides detailed information on an atomic level regarding the role of calcium in the activation process. Calcium coordination affects the shape of the active site of FXIII and triggers the formation of the catalytic dyad (H342, E401).


  • Zedira offers a huge portfolio of reliable specialist transglutaminase related products meant to catalyze research and development, both in academia and industry.


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