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Zedira is a privately held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specialized in transglutaminase. 

Zedira’s drug candidate ZED12271 was the first transglutaminase blocker ever tested in clinical trials.  
The peptidomimetic compound showed proof-of-concept in a phase 2a study in celiac disease patients. In addition, ZED1227 has a placebo-like safety profile. 
For the first time, a transglutaminase is clinically validated as a druggable target. 

Zedira is conducting several drug discovery programs targeting dysregulated human transglutaminases. The company established a pipeline of small-molecule drug candidates adapted to specific indications. Please refer to the Medicine section for comprehensive information. 

Our pipeline is available on request ( 

Martin Hils and Ralf Pasternack,  
managing partners of Zedira, founded the company in 2007.  

“Transglutaminase is our inspiration – improving health and creating value is our mission.“

Specialists for Transglutaminases

Zedira is the global brand for specialty reagents for research & development as well as diagnostics in the transglutaminase field. More than 300 unique and high-quality products help accelerate transglutaminase-related research – both in academia and industry. 

Scientists from academia and industry (including several of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies) benefit from Zedira’s cutting-edge products and customized services. 

Zedira’s recombinant, ultra-pure, and highly active microbial transglutaminase (MTG) is a unique tool to generate homogenous antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Today, ADCs manufactured with Zedira’s Andracon™ are entering clinical trials. Find detailed information about Andracon™ in our MTG-Handbook

Zedira products are made in Germany by Zedira’s highly skilled professionals in an ISO9001:2015 certified facility. The excellent feedback from our customers motivates us daily to provide our high-quality transglutaminase specialty reagents to researchers world wide.

Zedira’s ISO9001:2015 certified facility enables the production of high-quality diagnostic antigens in the celiac field, including TG2, TG3, TG6, and DGPs (deamidated gliadin peptides). Moreover, Zedira’s proprietary anti-TG6-ELISA allows the detection of autoantibodies to neuronal transglutaminase (TG6), a novel marker in the field of gluten-related neurological disorders. 

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